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Inspiration and Support


On this page I want to thank all the people who made this project possible:

  1. First of all I want to thank my mam who told me a few days ago that I should go on my knees and ask God for help as I didn't know any more. After I did that many positive things started to happen.
  2. Maybe second someone who seemed the only to understand where I stood, that I felt like drowning a short time ago.
  3. I guess third would be Napoleon Hill although there are many inspiring people who write inspiring books.
  4. Hard to say who or what would be next. Maybe 'Infinite Intelligence' or God or whatever name you have for the power that makes it all work. This would include you, yes you as I believe we are all one.
  5. Next I guess would be Seth Godin with his inspiring e-mails.
  6. Maybe I should mention earlier the person who listened to me recently and did not make me feel like a fool with my crazy idea. I hardly knew her and she could have easily taken advantage of me, but she turned out to be a friend.
  7. Some people who helped me find more people to support my ideas: Mike and Glenn.
  8. And Elpie Paras and Alex who listened to me and are also starting to support
  9. And of course Gelt, who I kind of accidentally approached and who may be a big help in the future.
  10. And maybe most of all Ted Buenavista, who I will mention later on, as I consider him a real member of my Master Mind.
  11. Other people who inspired me, or actually the brand Coca Cola, are John Pemberton and Asa Chandler, at least according to the story told in Think & Grow Rich.

Master Mind

I have become very disciplined and today one of the things on my daily to-do list is to think about my Master Mind for Connect Mindanao and write about it.

And I had no clue what to do or what to write and where, but this and some related things happened to me, so the answer just kind of came to me.

This means I realized that my current Master Mind consists of at least:

But the real person that came to mind, the person who believes in my ideas and who has supported me most is Ted Buenavista. So he is certainly part of my Master Mind. So as of now I want to thank Ted for being part of my Master Mind for Connect Mindanao.

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