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I have more and more crazy ideas, but they are not as crazy anymore than I would presume before I had read Think and Grow Rich.

Everything starts with an idea

So everything starts with an idea. And ideas seem to come toghether as my problems with Globe and Smart have made me think a lot. And as I believe more and more that every adversity can be used to my advantage I came with the idea to add internet connectivity to The Philippines. As it seems the current outside world connectivity is managed by some kind of cartel.

And I planned to have some fun today and I am trying to fit everything in my desire document. So my fun was drawing the map below:

Cagayan de Oro City Internet Exchange.


And I am writing September 17, 2014 now and what started with just an idea, just drawing some map because it was fun, has become a very serious project now. As I started taking action and somehow Infinite Intelligence seems to help me make my dreams come true.

And looking at this project now, looking at what is happening, it appears that the Principles of Success make sense.

Failure or defeat?

In my mind is still the statement of Napoleon Hill:

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.

And everything slowly seems to come together, as I am trying to use the failed Pacific Fibre project as input for my own project. And maybe the Pacific Fibre could even be integrated in my own project, so the goal of Mr. Sam Morgan and his fellows could still become true.

Thank you, Napoleon Hill, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Tindall and all those others who are the foundation to my ideas and projects. Everything is really connected.

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